Special Requests to Include in Your Pet Trust

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Your pet trust will include most of the major considerations pet owners have when creating a pet trust. You will also have an opportunity to provide special instructions to your caregiver to cover whatever additional needs your pet may have. Some requests you may consider include:

  • Medical care needs, including a preferred veterinary office
  • Exercise requirements, such as the number or length of walks or play guidelines
  • Food needs, including preferred brands or preparations
  • Sleeping area or other personal space requirements
  • Grooming needs, and preferred choice of groomer
  • Requirements for adequate socialization
  • Plans for end-of-life decisions for your pet, such as euthanisia and eventual burial or cremation

Requirements for how your trust’s funds should be accessed and managed should be considered as well:

  • How the trustee should monitor the caregiver, and what reporting requirements the caregiver has to the trustee
  • Any special funding or reimbursement plans for unexpected expenses