Pet Adoption

Although pet adoption can be a wonderful time, it can also have legal problems. Private sellers, breeders, kennels, and shelters must follow multiple state laws when adopting out a new pet.

When is a Pet Unfit For Sale?

2 minute read

When buying a pet from a professional, like a pet shelter or pet store, there are certain automatic protections that the adopter has.

Buying a Pet from a Private Seller

1 minute read

Adopting a pet from a private seller means that you lack several of the automatic legal protections you would have when adopting from a professional. However, there are ways to keep yourself safe.

Pet Lemon Laws

7 minute read

If you have recently adopted a pet who suffers from injury, illness, or a hereditary condition that affects their quality of life, your state may have laws that allow you to reverse the sale, or even recovery your pet’s veterinary expenses.

What are the Laws about Pet Adoption?

1 minute read

Pet adoption laws vary depending on where you live, and may also vary depending on the type of seller you get your pet from. Many states prohibit particular species or breeds, and some even have “lemon laws” similar to those that apply to car sales.