Nevada Revised Statutes

Duties upon determination that pet was sold with condition that requires immediate treatment

Within 10 days for illness existing on the date of sale that is terminal, or requires hospitalization or surgery.

Purchaser may choose to return the animal for refund or replacement, or retain the animal and receive reimbursement for the reasonable veterinary fees not exceeding the animal's purchase price.

If a person purchases a pet from a retailer or dealer and, within 10 days after the sale, a veterinarian determines that the pet has an illness, disease or other condition that is terminal or requires immediate hospitalization or immediate surgical intervention and that was in existence on the date of the sale, the retailer or dealer shall, at the option of the purchaser, either:

  1. Refund the purchase price of the pet if the pet is returned or provide the purchaser with another pet of equal value; or
  2. Reimburse the purchaser, in an amount not to exceed the purchase price of the pet, for expenses incurred by the purchaser in obtaining a diagnosis and treatment for the pet from a veterinarian chosen by the retailer or dealer.

Citation: Nev. Rev. Stat. § 574.49